Lates and absences

Lates and absences will be reported to the office and once there is more than one offence there will be a call home.

Disruptions / Lack of respect for those speaking

  • 1 warning then I will remove you from the class. When you have been removed from my class once there will definitely be a call home and you may spend the period with a VP
  • 2nd removal – straight to VP and call home…and so on!

Missing due dates

Missed due date means you must have a very good reason. You will then sign a contract and a new due date will be arranged very shortly after the original due date. Your parent(s) will be informed. Miss the new due date and you will visit the VP. Fail to produce the assignment in very short order and you will end up with 0% for the assignment.

Assignments handed in late are generally:
  • more scrutinized (marked harder)
  • Free off or very limited in feedback (we need to keep moving on in the course)
  • Mean you will fall behind causing a snowball effect.

Academic Dishonesty (AKA plagiarism, cheating, etc.)

See CB student agenda for details. In a nutshell, if you are unsure if you are allowed to do it, ask. If you know you are not allowed to do it, DON’T!

No Cells Phones / MP3 players

Students using cell phones or mp3 players, etc. during class time will be asked to turn in their item in question to the VP.