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A Short History of Global Warming

Until about 1960, most scientists thought it implausible that humans could actually affect average global temperatures. (See NOW's "History of Global Warming" at, most scientists agree that Earth's temperature has risen over the past century and that carbon dioxide is one of the primary greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. Disagreement persists, however, over whether or not global climate change is a normal environmental variation, and over how big of a problem global warming could become for the planet.
Amidst such controversy, world leaders have met and outlined legal rules, known as the Kyoto Protocol, to limit the emissions of greenhouse gases. One hundred forty countries that collectively represent 61.6% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide have ratified the Kyoto Protocol.

What is the "Greenhous Effect"?

Comparing Our Points of View on Global Warming

We are going to discuss the fact that not everyone agrees about global warming and climate change. Use content from three PBS NOW broadcasts to illustrate some of the controversy surrounding global warming.

The Heat Over Global Warming

Climate Change and the Media Senate Hearings ml

God and Global Warming

Question: In your opinion, has human activity caused the world's climate to change over the past 100 years?

Using the resources listed through the webpage links, work in small groups to complete the graphic organizer. Examine at least 4 of the programs listed as a means of gathering information representative of a number of different sources and points of view. Use at least two programs from the “NOW Programs” list and at least 2 resources from the “Other Global Warming Resources” list. Note specific facts and use the back of the sheet to note more in-depth details and cite sources.


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